We've already had our engagement session - can we skip that to get a discount or swap it out of our package for an extra hour of wedding photography?

The engagement sessions included in the Acadia and Baxter collections are complimentary, meaning they not factored into pricing. As a thank you, I gift these for free to any couple booking me for 6 hours or more. So it isn't exchangeable for other services and should you choose to forgo the session, there isn't a discount. Meeting up for the engagement session is a great way for us to get even more comfortable with each other before your wedding day and for you and your partner to become familiar with my process/learn what to expect being in front of my camera! 

We are awkward in photos, so we're really nervous. Help???

Probably about 99% of my couples say this, and 99% of the time we realize it's mostly a mental block. Part of my job is to help you through that. Aside from posing, I use a lot of prompts while photographing couples; so I'll give you an activity to do together and have you interact with each other instead of looking into the camera. Some of the prompts feel a little silly at first, but they help to loosen things up and make the photos feel more authentic! While finishing up engagement sessions or as I'm leaving a wedding/elopement, I often get comments from shy or self-proclaimed "awkward" couples about how surprisingly easy it all felt for them. I do everything I can to make it fun!

Sometimes and maybe! We don't guarantee her services more than 3 months before the wedding date because this isn't her full time job. But please feel free to send me an email at that point if you would like to hire her help, and if she is free she will block off your date! In Maine and New Hampshire, she currently works for $25/hr with a minimum of 6 hours.

If you're new here, Ashley is my life partner and my (sometimes) wedding day assistant. This is us and our pups here, and she pops up in my Instagram stories once in a while (there are several clips of her in my "Life" highlight) if you'd like to put a face to the name! In 2020, I was getting ready to document a 3 hour elopement for a couple and they asked me to bring Ashley along. I never knew how extraordinarily helpful it can be to have extra help in my role until that day. Since then, many couples have requested she join me. Ashley basically acts as an extension of me for everything except actually taking photos. Here are just some examples of ways helps:
- Taking iPhone videos throughout the day for you and your partner to look back on
- Cheering up kiddos who aren't cooperating for family photos (She is a K-8 gym teacher and she's incredible with kids!)
- Reminding your wedding party to take phones out of their pockets before photos
- Carrying my cameras across your venue when my arms are full with a wedding gown so I don't have to make 2 trips
- Making sure one of you stays out of sight while I situate the other for the first look
- Keeping guests away from your first look area to protect your privacy 
- Running and grabbing forgotten bridesmaids bouquets when it's time for wedding party photos
- Bringing you and your partner drinks and appetizers when we're taking your newlywed photos during cocktail hour
- Carrying your water bottles, makeup touch-up kits, phones, etc.

Essentially, Ashley is a huge time saver for me, which gives me more opportunity to give YOU more photos. Having Ashley on your day is like having an extra maid of honor/best man whose first priority is supporting you and your wedding party!

is ashley your assistant? will she be at our wedding?

I'm an open book!

My rule of thumb is that when temporary blemishes are are noticeable in your images, I'll remove them, but that's about it. I never edit my clients to look slimmer, taller, shorter, etc. I don't create a golden hour and add sunflares when you got married on a rainy day, or change the colors of the walls in your venue. The whole goal is to document both you and your day authentically, and that's not just a tagline. I want you to look back on these images and be able to remember everything exactly as it was on the day you and your partner agreed to spend forever together!

will you photoshop us?

For weddings and elopements, between 50-90 images per hour of coverage. The range depends on a variety of things, but I can promise you this:
When you do it all with love and joy, and when you and your guests are fully present and enjoying each other's company, that's when the magic happens and your gallery gets even better. It's all in the interactions.

Here are some things that have reduced photo count for past couples:
- Hair and makeup running behind
- Speeches or dances not happening resulting in dinner running longer
- Family members disappearing during portrait time
- Wedding party members showing up late
- Couple disappearing during reception and/or only a few people on the dance floor

The key is just to pick the right people! If you're having a wedding party, choose the ones who you know are all in because they love you and are so excited for you. And if you know you've done that, you're golden.

how many photos will we get?

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Most likely yes!!! I absolutely love to travel. (If you want, you can check out my dream destinations here!) I have had the travel bug since I was a kid, and planning trips is genuinely one of my favorite pastimes - building the anticipation is a huge part of the fun in it. I really enjoy researching new places and using any resource I can to find all the hidden gems. Whether you're imagining a helicopter elopement in the Rockies or a micro-wedding with your favorite people on an island in the sun, please reach out! The elopement and destination wedding community is a huge network, and even if I haven't been to your spot, I'll do all kinds of digging to help you create the perfect day you'll be thinking about for the rest of your life, with the photos to tell the whole story.

Destination weddings/elopements/sessions are all uniquely different, so we'll create a custom package to fit your needs!

will you travel for our wedding/elopement/
engagement session?

Oh yes! No worries there.


What is your size limit on the weddings you book?

As of 2024 I am only booking weddings with 20 guests or less. I've learned I gravitate most towards more intimate celebrations where each guest is very close to the couple and there is less order and orchestration of events. It's just my favorite thing and I am so happy to finally be niched down to this point! I love helping brainstorm tiny weddings and elopements, too, so feel free to ask me anything.