What Does it Mean to Be a “Documentary Wedding Photographer”?

We look for ways to capture the essence of your whole day; from your favorite donuts and champagne on the table next to you while you’re getting ready, to your nieces and nephews playing on the lawn, your grandmother kissing your cheek as soon as she sees you after the ceremony, a hand on a back, a tear during vows, a belly laugh… it’s how we remind you exactly how it felt to experience it all.

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Vesper Hill Children's Chapel Elopement

When nature is your church, you elope between the mountains and the sea, and then explore barefoot for portraits.

Ellie and Stephen are my kind of people – easygoing, playful, and up for anything, as long as it’s outside. They had an intimate ceremony beautifully officiated by Ellie’s lifelong best friend’s grandmother, who has become an extra grandmother to Ellie. Her energy was so special to have there, and her quick wit kept us all laughing. After E + S officially tied the knot and we had taken family photos, we ran around the beach, walked between the tall trees, and soaked it all in. It was the perfect way to kick off my 2023 wedding season.

Ellie + Stephen / Birch Point State Park Elopement 5.20.2023

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5 Reasons Why Couples Choose to Elope

The food will be eaten, the flowers will die, but your partner (and your photos 😉) are what you get to keep forever. So shouldn’t your top priority be creating a day that the two of you will absolutely love and remember fondly? Eloping takes away the pressure of impressing a ton of guests, because if you do decide to invite some guests, those people will be the ones who really get you and aren’t worried about whether they’re eating pizza or filet mignon, as long as they get to support you on your day.

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Happy couple, bride in white gown with long lace sleeves, and groom in black tux, laughing on the rocks in Owls Head, Maine as they say their private vows during their midcoast Maine elopement.Happy couple, bride in white gown with long lace sleeves, and groom in black tux, laughing on the rocks in Owls Head, Maine as they say their private vows during their midcoast Maine elopement.

Welcome to the blog post for one of my favorite elopements to date. This day was absolutely perfect from start to finish, and it’s really because of all of the people you’re about to see. Liz and Matt contacted me last year to inquire about wedding photography, and right from the consultation I had a […]

Elizabeth + Matthew / Vesper Hill Children’s Chapel Wedding 6.10.2022

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Stephanie + Cody / Owls Head, Maine Surprise Proposal 6.19.2021

Cody and Stephanie’s “spot” is Crockett’s Beach, so when Cody reached out to me last September to plan a surprise proposal for Stephanie, he knew that was the place and that he wanted to wait for summer.

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Michelle and Chris tying the knot was a symbol of all they had walked through together to get to this moment; from the very first letters, to their first home together, rescuing their pup (child) Bentley, tackling new jobs, and facing every challenge in between. It all brought them to this moment.

Michelle + Chris / Backyard Elopement and Portraits at Maine Forest Yurts 5.15.2021

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Cheyenne + David / Maine Engagement Session

From long distance while David was away at school in Montana, to buying their first home, and then rescuing their two pups who are more like their children, Chey and David have already walked through so many chapters together. This engagement was inevitable, so of course it was enthusiastically celebrated by so many people who have watched their relationship evolve and grow stronger with time.

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I’ve noticed that I say “let’s make some magic” a lot when it comes to my business. Magic is exactly what we ended up with for this engagement session.

Stephanie + Dacota / Acadia National Park, Maine Engagement Session

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Michelle + Chris / Peaks Island, Maine Engagement Session

I knew I was going to get along great with Michelle and Chris from day one.

I knew this because in Michelle’s initial inquiry, she told me that they were eloping and wanted some of their elopement photos to take place where they got engaged: Maine Forest Yurts. (Adventurous elopements are my jam.) And secondly, she asked if there was “a snowball’s chance in hell” I could be there. Something about that line gave me the feeling she had a great sense of humor. I was right.

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Decide early on which parts of your day you want to prioritize. Keep in mind which things will matter most to you when you look back on your wedding day. At the end of it all, your wedding is one day; what you have to look forward to is your marriage.

5 Tips to Make Peace With Wedding Planning

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